See below for the answers to  frequently asked questions regarding the home staging process.

What is the difference between Home Staging and Interior Decorating?

Home staging and interior decorating are actually quite different and have opposite objectives.

Home staging seeks to neutralize a space so that it will appeal to many buyers and  ultimately result in a higher return on investment for the seller. Staged properties feature neutral colours and have minimal yet tasteful and aspirational furnishings. A seller walking in to the property should feel that it is open and airy, that there is plenty of open, clutter-free space. The ultimate objective of home staging is not to sell the furniture in a home but to sell its features.

Interior decorating focuses on customizing a space to suit the personal tastes of the homeowner. Drapery with colourful patterns and numerous throw pillows and accessories are usually found in a decorated space. The ultimate objective of interior decorating is to have the home be reflective of those living in it and supportive of their lifestyle.

How much does Home Staging cost?

The cost of home staging will vary by property depending on the services that the homeowner chooses.

Consultations and home staging are generally quoted on a square footage basis. However depending on the condition of the home and the work required the quote may vary.

Home staging can mean the difference between getting the lowest price and the highest price for a property. It’s an important investment to make to maximize the equity and ensure that the home will attract attention from buyers.

How long does the Home Staging process take?

Every situation is different and depends on the condition of the home. After the consultation we can provide you with an estimate of the time it would take to complete the staging. It is usually completed within one day but varies by property.

The homeowner is not required to be at home while it is being staged. In fact it is recommended that we complete the staging while there is no one at home to minimize the distractions so that the team can complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Home Staging seems expensive. Is it really worth it?

For most people their home is their largest asset, and when it’s time to move they want to sell it for the highest price possible.

For years home builders have known the importance of staging a model home to help buyers envision their family living in it. Home staging is simply making use of that same approach for your property.

While the staging process may seem expensive, the cost of not staging is much higher. Buyers who choose not to stage their properties leave money on the table with unrealized equity. Plus, the cost of reducing your asking price would likely be much higher than the cost of staging ever would have been.

How does furniture rental work? Is renting furniture necessary or can home staging be done with my own items?

Every property is different and we provide customized solutions for each situation.

We attempt to use the homeowner’s belongings when staging. However there are instances where it is beneficial to bring in items to supplement what is already there. This is done with the goal of helping homeowners make the most profit on the sale of their home.

Items are available for rental from Inspired Home Staging on a monthly basis. Monthly rental fees include delivery and pickup of the items after your property has been sold. The cost to rent furniture is in addition to the fee for home staging.

In the event that there is a need to rent from a third party, Inspired Home Staging will still choose the furniture to ensure it will align with the home staging but the homeowner will then pay the third party directly.

Please note that the homeowner is responsible for any damage to the rented items.

I like my colourful paint and wallpaper, why do we need to paint over it?

When selling your home, the important thing is to draw the buyer’s eye to the features of the home like the beautiful windows, the hardwood floors or the fireplace. Having wallpaper or bright coloured walls will interrupt the flow of the space and draw attention away from those features. Having neutral walls throughout the house helps the home feel spacious and will give it an uninterrupted flow.

It can be difficult to be objective when selling your home because of the emotional attachment we have to it. However the reality is that the modern buyer is looking for a move-in ready, turnkey, modern home. The home staging is done with the buyer in mind. As soon as you decide to sell your property it’s helpful to think of it as a product. The home staging is the marketing technique that will help you attract the buyer and get the most money for your product.