Increase Your Curb Appeal: 7 Steps To A Complete Front Door Makeover

old front door needing a front door makeover
Your front door is a buyer’s first impression of your home, so make sure it’s clean, modern and inviting.

Have an old run down front door? Don’t make a bad first impression or buyers will go running.

The front door is to the house as the handshake is to the job interview. It’s the first impression your prospective home buyers will have of what’s inside. So if your front door is not up to snuff then it’s time for a front door makeover.

Presentation is everything. If the door is old and tattered with peeling paint or tarnished door hardware the impression won’t be a good one. It’s like going to a job interview in a pair of ripped jeans and having a limp or weak handshake. No es bueno. Think of what your mother would say.

Instead, give your front door a makeover with these 7 tips.

There’s nothing like good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Get out the pressure washer. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You’ll be amazed how much dirt will come off the door when you wash it. Make sure that any glass windows on the door are also clean and streak free. Buyers will be standing at eye level with the glass and will definitely notice any dirt. Finally, spray off any leaves and dirt from the doorstep so there is no visual clutter crowding the front door.

Clean or replace lighting fixtures. Evict the spiders and other insects from their homes in your lighting fixture and give the cover a thorough scrubbing with soap and water. (Be sure to remove the lighting fixture cover from the light before you wash it so that you don’t electrocute yourself)! Or invest in a new light fixture. When buying a new fixture be sure it is to scale. The rule of thumb is that light fixtures should be one-third of the height of the door.  While a new, modern light fixture won’t likely add to your home’s value, an old dirty outdated one could certainly detract from the buyer’s perception of the house.

Replace your broken or ugly doorbell. So many homes have broken or non-functioning doorbells. Or they are so old and out-dated they look like they have been around since the Dark Ages? It may seem insignificant but out-dated accessories in your home suggest to buyers that there are likely other old and out-dated things they need to worry about, and could suggest that you have not kept up with the home’s maintenance.

Install new weather stripping. Often overlooked, new weather stripping will provide your door with a new clean border that will be pleasing to the eye, and it’s inexpensive to replace.

Anything shiny should actually shine. 

Paint the door (obviously!) A new coat of paint will make your door shine and appear new again. Avoid unusual and trendy colours, (not everyone loves “Millennial Pink” as much as you do!) and stick with neutrals so as to appeal to the largest audience. Be sure to use paint that has been specially formulated for exterior doors so it will withstand weather and temperature changes.

Renew the shine in your door’s hardware. Take a look at your hardware and exterior lighting and ask yourself if it can use some refreshing. Could the doorknob and lights be cleaned and spray painted? There are some amazing metal spray paints available that can make a door knob appear brand new. 

Make visitors feel welcome.

Add a classy welcome mat to finalize the front door makeover. Stay away from mats with any potentially offensive or quirky sayings and make sure the mat contains visual weight that is appropriate to your door. For example, a thin, flimsy rubber mat could look underwhelming in front of dark and heavy wooden doors. While you don’t want the welcome mat to be the focal point, you also don’t want it to stand out or seem out of place. For best results stick with a classic style that compliments the door colour and style…and be sure it’s clean and not full of mud!

Provide colour with flowers. Add a splash of life with an urn or basket of flowers. There’s something about flowers and plants that warm up a space and can instantly make a front entrance appear more friendly and inviting. 

Buyers should fall in love with your house before they even go inside.

Remember, completing a front door makeover will contribute to your home’s curb appeal and provide prospective buyers with a positive first impression. So take time to make sure your front door is cleaned up and looks inviting.

Sound like too much work? You can always hire Inspired Home Staging and we’ll be happy to do the work for you!